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Guangren Ma

  • Director of Wetland Protection and Management Center
  • China Forestry Administration
  • China
  • Guangren Ma, a senior engineer and professor, is the director of the China Compliance Office for International Wetland Convention, as well as the director of the Wetland Protection and Management Center of China National Forestry Bureau. Previously, he served as the director of forestry management station of the National Forestry Bureau from 1999 to 2007 as well as deputy director of the China Forestry Publishing House from 1982 to 1999.

    Director Guangren Ma's research has concentrated on wetland protection and management. His main achievements have been the creation or consolidation of guidelines, methods and technical standards for the protection and management of China's wetlands. He has completed numerous national and international wetlands' projects or surveys in China.

    Within the last five years, Director Guangren Ma has:

    1) organized the Second National Wetland Resource Survey;

    2) completed the compilation of "The Twelfth Five-Year Guideline for the National Wetland Protection Project";

    3) organized the creation of the "National Wetland Park Programming Guideline";

    4) consolidated inspection methods and standards for wetland management in China, such as the "Technical Specifications for National Wetland Resources Survey", "National Wetland Park Management Measures" and "National Wetland Park Acceptance Methods";

    5) arranged a Chinese version of "Technical Specifications for International Important Wetland Monitoring”, and "Early Warning Scheme for International Important Wetlands", etc.;

    6) developed a wetland ecosystem evaluation index system;

    7) completed a draft of the "Wetland Protection Ordinance" and undertaken the relevant legal system             demonstrations;

    8) organized the publishing of "China’s Wetland Report" and "Manual of Wetland Protection and       %2

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