Welcome to 2016 Changshu China the 10th International Wetlands Conference!
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Betsy Damon

  • Director of Keepers of the Waters
  • USA
  • Betsy Damon is the director of Keepers of the Waters, an international communications network for people actively engaged in projects that transform our relationship to water. She got her MFA from Columbia University, and she has been an internationally known as a first-generation feminist performance artist and influential environmental artist.

    Her work includes sculpture, teaching, lectures and workshops. In Keepers of the Waters, she has participated in series of projects such as "Eco Art Treasure Coast-South Florida Environmental Project", "Resources: Saving Living Systems", etc. Her inspiration comes from extensive research of sacred water sites, and her curiosity for the biology and earth sciences that compose living systems.Always seeking new ways to articulate the complexity of water and engage communities in caring for this precious resource, Betsy continues her passion.

    Beginning with the creation of Keepers of the Waters in 1991, Betsy has continued to work towards creating community based models of water stewardship. She is mostly working on projects in China and the US. In China, she created the nation's first public art event for the environment, and most notably “the Living Water Garden”, a world renowned public park and natural water filtration model. In the US, she is continuously working with communities and grassroots groups, as well as completing art/ design commissions. Betsy has achieved over 30 awards of excellence and merit, fellowships and grants. She is the author or co-author of more than 30 books and articles.

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