Welcome to 2016 Changshu China the 10th International Wetlands Conference!
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Shuqing An

  • Professor of Ecology and Botany
  • Director of Institute of Wetland Ecology,and Ecological Research Institute of Changshu
  • Nanjing University
  • Shuqing An is a professor in ecology and the deputy director of State Key Laboratory of Nanjing University. He is the director of Institute of Wetland Ecology, the deputy director of The Wetland Ecological Professional Committee and The Ecological Engineering Professional Committee of The Ecological Society of China, and the deputy director of The Botany Ecological Professional Committee of The Botanical Society of China and The Wetland Ecological Committee of China Society of Natural Resources. 

    His researches focus on wetland restoration, wastewater wetland treatment, wetland bio-invasions, wetland functioning and wetland adaptation to global climate change. His projects mainly include restoration of submerged vegetation, natural wetland protection &restoration, lake and littoral ecological restoration, river restoration & pollution control, wetland park design & construction, wetland treatment engineering for waste water, tool species culture, and wetland organic agriculture.

    He has undertaken more than 60 national and provincial projects, including national science and technology major projects of water pollution control and treatment, national key basic research program, national high technology research and development program, China-Europe international cooperation project, projects of NSFC, WWF. He has published 330 plus scientific papers, 11 books; awarded 25 patents, and 3 prizes from Jiangsu Provincial Government and China Ministry of Education. He has been a member of the outstanding personnel program of Jiangsu Provincial Government and China Ministry of Education. Specially, he founded Nanjing University Ecological.

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