1.General introduction

Lihu Lake is also named as Wuli Lake, Qihu Lake or Xiaowuhu Lake. According to the legend, Fanli, who is the famous minister, and his lover Xishi, who is the top beauty in Chunqiu Period have once spent canoeing in the Wuli Lake. People changed the name of Wuli Lake into Lihu Lake in memory of Fanli. Lihu Lake, covering 120°12′52″~120°16′53 degrees east longitude and 31°30′22″~31°33′10″degrees north latitude, is located in the southwest of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It is an interior lake in Wuxi city. Stretching from Taihu Lake, the gourd-shaped lake has beautiful wetland scenery. Lihu Lake is the main body of Lihu Lake National Wetland Park. The wetland park, including Lihu Lake and the surrounding area, is a typical lake wetland park. The 823.9-hectare wetland covers 73.29 percent of the whole park.

2. Characteristic Information

Lihu wetland is an area with prominent ecological features, wetland landscape, rich biodiversity and flat terrain with ground drop only 4 meters. The main soil types are moisture soil and paddy. There are many types of wetland in the park which are swamps, lakes, rivers and constructed wetland.

Holding the concept of “conservation first, scientific restoration, wise use and sustainable development” in the course of design and construction, the park has successively completed six construction projects: ecological dredging, sewage intercepting, returning fishing area back to lake area, dynamic water change, ecological restoration, lakeshore regulation and round-lake tree belt planting. Depending on the illustrious Wu Culture, local farming culture and the historical stories of Zhangbo flood-control and Fanli & Xishi boating in the lake, the wetland park highlights the harmonious integration of the wetland culture and the landscape. Based on the deep and illustrious culture of the Lihu Lake area, fifteen subordinate gardens of Lihu lake park, central park, Bodao Island ecological park, waterland park, Lihu Bridge park, Changguangxi wetland park, Baojie park are successively established, highlighting the unique Southern China Garden and modern garden architecture characteristics.

After ten years of construction, Lihu wetland park incorporating functions of wetland protection, wetland-tourism attraction and wetland science popularization education, was approved as national wetland park by the State Forestry Administrates in 2013. As a name card of Wuxi city, the Lihu Lake Park serves as a kind of role model incorporating wetland protection, wise use, functions display and science popularization education over the years.

 Lihu Lake Pavilion
Baojie Mountain park
Changguangxi wetland
3.Investigation Route
Lihu Lake Pavilion——Ten-Li scented Lane——Baojie Mountain park——Baojie park pier——Shui Ming Ju pier——Changguangxi wetland——Shitang covered Bridges——The ancient ginkgo square
PS:rom Baojie park pier to Shui Ming Ju pier, tourists will take a boat tour.
4.Inspection Suggestions
Shoes perfect for walking are recommended
Since beautiful scenery on the way, take telescopes and cameras with you
Please bring your own sunhat and sunscreen
Mineral water will be provided on the way