The INTECOL 10 ecurison routes have been decided, the routes are as follows:

1. Changshu Dongbang Nicanglou Wetland Park —— Dafeng Milu Nature Reserve(about 12 hours

2. Changshu AMI Park Water Treatment Wetland —— Changshu Chenhaiwei Rural Wetland —— Lihu Lake National Wetland Park(about 9 hours

3. Nahu Wetland Park —— Suzhou Taihu Lakeside National Wetland Park(about 8 hours

4. Changshu Jiangxiang Village Rural Wetland —— Shajiabang National Wetland Park —— Shanghu Urban Wetland Park(about 8 hours

5. Shanghu Urban Wetland Park —— Nahu Wetland Par— Shajiabang National Wetland Park(about 8 hours

Please Login in your account of  conference website and fill the excurison information!